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Data generation, processing and qualification via A.I Solutions and Services 

TR2 offers solutions, services, R&D results for a strategic innovative approach
in the field of critical infrastructures Monitoring

Critical Infrastructures

Continue monitoring for critical risk management

GNSS station

Dectection of subsidence, sliding, movement and oscillation with the millimetric precion or centimetric in real time

Morphologic detection

We provide 3D infrastructure virtualization with BIM integration and geolocalization of objects detected via video tools

Satellite detection 

Satellite observation  scheduled with high frequency and resolution Data detecting objects, interferences, changes.

Satellite backbone

We operate in challenging European Space Agency Research program to provide satellite, 5G, secure Data transmission backup

In Motion Insight

Added value from your video tools


Do you want to know maintenace need?

We analyse the Data returning the status of the specific asset identifying the category, the position, and the operational state. We operate on massive datasets.


Do you want to create Assets catalogue?

Simply using smartphone or dashcam we do street view automated elaboration detecting asset and creating catalogue of Datasets: points of light, billboard, fences, potholes, buildings.

IP Camera

Do you want to create valued added from your vehicles or cameras?

We can get video streams created via fixed or mobile camera adding intelligent automation to support operators in detecting behavioural risks or object detection. We create added value to you tools


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