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Data generation, processing and qualification via A.I Solutions and Services 

TR2 offers solutions, services, R&D results for a strategic innovative approach
in the field of critical infrastructures Monitoring

TR2 Team

Competence, Experience, Dedecation.
 We are a engineers company driven by MBA educated managers
applying best practices, methods, processes, procedures to give
result, outcome, assistance, value and long term technology sustainability to the customer  


Getting Experience

Our managers acquired experience in working with the best software and technology providers in Trasportation and Infrastructure Industries, closely looking to the Innovation Initiatives in the European Community


Acting in Geospatial Industry

Our managers participated the founding of a company active in the geospatial sector applying the best practices for GIS solutions and Satellite Imagery investigation


Winning Smart&Start Italia

At the end of 2018 we won the Smart&Start and founded TR2 to dedicate operations to A.I into the critical infrastructures monitoring aggregating past experience and adding new values


Moving to North of Italy

We incubated the company in Trentino Sviluppo, developing the current network  with new stakeholders


Operation and organization

The company operates in R&D, A.I, ICT, with a team of dedicated resources. Organized lean we deliver multistep solution as a service on enterprise technology such as Microsoft Azure, Esri ArcGIS.


Solutions based on Enterprise Technology for developing, maintenance and integration

Artifcial Intelligence

Cloud based A.I Algorithms for Dataset generation, processing to extract qualified information 


High resolution and frequency data tasked on demand per area, per period, per objective for Assets observation


Geographic Data integration, analysis and geolocalized representation of analysis results  


Via Fortunato Zeni, 8, 38068 Rovereto TN, Italy
Via Ardito Desio, 60, 00131,
Roma, RM, Italy


Phone: +39 350 092 89 67

Other info

Smart&Start Invitalia enabled